Clinisept+ Skin 490 ml

Clinisept+ Skin 490 ml

Clinisept+ Skin is a gentle, but highly effective skin cleanser that cleans, calms and cares for the skin. It contains the latest hypochlorous technology to ensure rapid antimicrobial protection, but without stinging or irritation. Because of its unique oxidising method of action it is not susceptible to antimicrobial resistance.

Clinisept+ Skin is unlike any other cleanser and represents a significant development in skin care.

It provides optimal conditions for skin recovery:

  • Cleansing antimicrobial
  • Skin neutral pH
  • Non-irritant
  • Non-cytotoxic
  • Dermatologically tested
  • No Alcohol

Using Clinisept+ Skin:

Clinisept+ Skin should be applied to clean skin. Before application, use a suitable make-up remover to remove any make-up or contaminants.

Apply Clinisept+ to the whole area to cleanse the skin prior to any cosmetic or aesthetic treatment. An aseptic procedure should always be followed.

Clinisept+ Skin can be applied directly from the bottle onto a sterile gauze or cleansing pad, or can be poured into a clean gallipot. If using a gallipot, ensure a clean pot is used for each patient and discard any unused Clinisept+.

Apply Clinisept+ Skin by wetting a sterile gauze or cleansing pad with Clinisept+ and then gently wiping over the area using a circular motion. 10ml is sufficient to saturate one standard 10cm cotton gauze pad. Recommended volume per treatment is 30-50ml. The volume of Clinisept+ applied should be adjusted to suit the size of the area to be cleansed. In all instances, ensure the whole area is thoroughly wetted. Sterile gauzes and pads should be replaced and discarded as necessary. If applying Clinisept+ around the eyes, ask the client to close their eyes before wiping onto the eyelids.

Clinisept+ is rapid in action and requires a wet contact time of only 15 seconds.

Once applied, Clinisept+ Skin leaves no residue on the skin and can be left to dry naturally. Do not dry or touch the skin after application unless with clean hands or sterile gloves.

Cleansing before, during and after a procedure:

A skin neutral pH and non-cytotoxic chemistry allows Clinisept+ to be used before, during and after a treatment, thereby enabling high levels of hygiene to be maintained throughout a procedure. Use fresh sterile gauzes or cleansing pads as required and discard used pads.

Clinisept+ Skin provides a cooling and calming sensation and is very effective in reducing redness. For maximum care of recovering or irritated skin, (ie. immediately following a treatment or procedure), thoroughly soak a gauze mask/square or cleansing pad with Clinisept+ and leave it placed on the affected area for five to ten minutes. Repeat as necessary.

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